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Julia [Jul. 10th, 2004|01:24 am]
Marauders Uncut Biographies


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Me, Morgan, yes, with another character, so I guess I can skip the intro and outro and get straight to bioooo.

Name: Julia Gwendolyn Trevellan

Year: 14/4th

House: Ravenclaw

Family: Mother, Bridget Trevellan (a Muggle), and father, Hugh Trevellan (deceased); she has a great horned owl named Gwydion to whom she is especially attached.

Personality: Never someone you'd consider outgoing, Julia became even more withdrawn after her father's death just under a year ago. She is possessed of exceptional intelligence, but as often happens with young people of her intellect she has trouble relating to other people her age. Or, for that matter, nearly anyone. Most people consider her odd, judging from her strange habits, the way her conversations outside of class can sound vague and disjointed, and her disinterest in her classmates. Julia is a deeply introspective, thoughtful young woman who, despite her behavior, is not unfeeling or unkind and secretly longs to have friends she can relate to. She could be a valuable ally to those who can make the effort.

Appearance: Of average height and build, Julia has pale, pinched features set in a heart-shaped face, unruly masses of curly, dark brown hair that is rarely neat and shiny, and light brown eyes that look much older than her actual age.

Faults: An inability to relate to and bond with her peers, excessive introversion, and poor communicative skills outside the realm of the classroom are her most obvious problems. She has trouble letting go of the past; when pushed too far, she can become impossible to deal with. Julia also lacks the ability to handle stress well; this prevents her from accomplishing anything significant.

Strengths: Her strength in virtually every subject at school puts Julia well ahead of the class in most areas. She is especially talented at potions, herbology, and charms and could make a good Healer if she learned how to empathize with others more. Though she rarely shows it, she is wise as well as clever, and beneath her oddball exterior she has a better understanding of the world than most people would guess. She possesses the potential to be an exceptionally powerful witch.

Past: From early in her childhood Julia showed acute intelligence and wisdom far beyond her years. This always kept her rather isolated from other children, and when she wasn't hanging around the adults she was by herself. What she felt for her peers wasn't so much disdain as disinterest, but other children thought she was a weirdo and a snob, and were not kind to her. Things were not much different once she left Muggle school and came to Hogwarts, since she was still too different to relate to her classmates. Problems were further compounded by her father's alcoholism-- though he left the wizarding world for his Muggle wife, it was a decision he always regretted, and he took up drinking to make up for it. Julia has not yet forgiven her father for his death, the messy result of some drunken spell-work, or, for that matter, much of his life.

[User Picture]From: morganwolf
2004-07-09 10:30 pm (UTC)
I keep doing the cut thingies wrong so you only see the first name. I are stoopid. Please forgive me.
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