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Theresa Delmonte [Jul. 8th, 2004|03:49 pm]
Marauders Uncut Biographies


Intro:   Hey, all, I'm known as Mina, Ellie, and Valentine.  I'm almost seventeen, and soon I'll be looking into colleges.  God help me.  I'm an aspiring actress and English teacher.  I've been in the RP world for about three years now, mostly playing either Remus (sorry, Morgan, it's true), or Theresa.

RP Experience:  I've been a longtime member of Beforethedownfall  (like, really long time), played Theresa in maybe ten other Harry Potter RPGs, like maraudersdays, the marauderyears, etc.  I used to occasionally play characters named Donna and Musetta, Ravenclaws, but they never seemed to mesh into storylines.  As for non-HP, I tend to frequent Les Miserables ones.  I tend to play canon characters when I can and sarcastic theater people when I can't.

Name:  Theresa Annamaria Valentine Delmonte (over the years, she acquired a middle name, and now two.  Crazy.)
Nickname:  Reese/ Resa.
Year:  4th
House:  Gryffindor
Quidditch Position: Spectator.  She can fly if need be, but really doesn't adore it.  She's rather wary of  Bludgers.  She enjoys watching the sport, but doesn't play.
Family:  Two parents who died in a freak Bludger accident at the Quidditch World Cup when she was four.  Her legal guardian is her brother, Alexander, fifteen years her senior, who plays Chaser for the Montrose Magpies and is quite famous for it.  Theresa rather resents him for it.  She also has a (non-biological) sister, Valerie, eight years her junior.  Alexander adopted Valerie in Theresa's first year of Hogwarts.
Friends:  Remus, Sirius, Lily.  She thinks James is a prat.
Personality:   Theresa is rational and intelligent, sometimes seeing herself as above all the teenage dramas.  She will usually be there for a friend, though she may not always be listening.    She has a flair for the dramatic, and is certainly the type to slam doors and shout when enraged.  However, when in a good mood, Theresa is personable, sweet, and witty.  That wit can turn sharp at a moment's notice though.  She can be honest to the point of brutality and is not always apologetic.
Appearance:  Theresa is of average height and build, with dark blonde hair, and blue eyes.  Her face rather often has a searching quality to it.  She is decent-looking, but not exactly pretty.  She sometimes wears glasses, which she straightens as a nervous habit, even when she's not wearing them.
Faults:  a bit clumsy, moody, jumps to conclusions, can be rather arrogant.  She does not like the Slytherins at all, for example, and is highly unlikely to give one a chance.
Strengths:  Witty, personable, a good actor, honest, intelligent, rational, believes very deeply in honor
Background:   Theresa's parents were wizards (her mother was Muggle-born)  who were killed at the Quidditch World cup the year she turned four.  She was then sent to live with her brother, then a rookie Quidditch player for the Montrose Magpies.  She had something of a nomadic childhood, traveling with the team half the time, and staying with a Muggle aunt and uncle the other half of the time.  Her Uncle James didn't really understand the little witch, but he loved her all the same.  Her Aunt Elisabeth (Theresa's mother's sister) understands more.  She came home her first year of Hogwarts to discover Alexander had adopted Valerie, an orphaned witch. 
Other:   Theresa's best subject is Charms.  Her worst is Astronomy, even though she likes looking at the stars.  She has an owl named Biloxi  (because it sounds so cool) and a cat named Marius (who is none too bright)

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[User Picture]From: reluxi
2004-07-08 10:48 pm (UTC)
A prat? A prat am I? Hmph.

Just kidding, that was James, of course. Well, er, welcome to the club. *shoves James in a closet so he can stop complaining*

Sorry about that.

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[User Picture]From: snapdecision
2004-07-09 06:54 am (UTC)
Prat prat prat!
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