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Narcissa Black [Jul. 1st, 2004|04:03 am]
Marauders Uncut Biographies


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Introduction: I'm Cyn, or Lindsay if you want to do the whole real name thing, but I hate "Lindsay" because it's hopelessly dull. I actually respond to Cynthia (I found this out unfortunately at a friend's graduation party where her grandmother's name was Cynthia and I kept on jumping). I've been deemed a comma queen and really like long sentences, so if that really bothers you, I'll just apologise now. I'm pretty much an RPvirgin. I've never done anything lasting--just dipped my toes in some RP a few times. I'm 18 and whine a lot. I complain about being too busy and ummm... I really like coffee. I live near Seattle in my dysfunctional family, but hope to move to Australia when I "grow up" (a.k.a. get out of college) because they have accents there and accents are freaking hot. I just graduated from high school and am supposed to be finding a summer job, but that's obviously not happening.

RP Experience: I help Fern and Terra mod the open RP on the gryff common room. I read Fern and Terra's rules about 8 times while editting and considering them, so I have finally learned sort of some RPettiquette. But otherwise, like I said before, I've done some RPing but have always quit out early because I joined late and didn't really get what was going on and didn't find it interesting (they were really weird RPs). I tend to be fairly serious when I actually do RP though and don't like to play very bouncy characters--mostly because it's too much like I normally write. My biggest issue with RPing has always been that I've had that, "Oh no, I'm going to look dumb" complex, so umm... be kind to me *nods*


Name: Narcissa Ophelia Black

Nickname: Cissa (Call me Cissy and things won't be happy.)

Year: Fourth

House: Slytherin

Quidditch Position: You get dirty playing quidditch. Narcissa does not enjoy being dirty. Of course, she enjoys watching the boys play.

House of: Black

Friends: Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, other Slytherins

Personality: Narcissa has a high perception of herself outwardly--modesty is definitely not a part of her vocabulary. She excels in her classes and has high standards for herself, but she is definitely the first to take advantage of others. She's been known to hire students to do her homework for her when she wants to go out on the quidditch pitch to watch the Slythering Quidditch Team practice. She's hopelessly obsessed with Lucius Malfoy, whom she has had her eyes on ever since first year. Unfortunately, she really has to work for his attention, so for this reason she is constantly working to be the centre of attention with him. In short, she's histrionic.

Appearance: Narcissa has pale blonde, sleek hair which she often wears up, giving her face an even more taut look than that which it would normally have. She has a long thin nose and small, pursed lips. Her pale blue eyes often cast menacing looks towards others and her overall appearance is one of brooding and haughtiness.

Faults: Narcissa, despite her snobbish attitude towards others, really has a low view of herself. She displaces her own negative feelings of herself on others in attempts to belittle them. She gets along with males well, but because of her opinion of herself, she has very few female acquaintances. She's very possessive and protective of the things she likes. She can be catty and therefore gets in petty arguments with other people easily. While she seems to be merely bitchy outwardly, there is some bite to her bark--there's a reason she does well in classes.

Strengths: Narcissa is dedicated--if she wants something, she'll make sure she gets it--no matter what. She's academically talented, but is also good at playing people. If she wants something, she plays nice. She is protective of the things she treasures--whether people or things, and is very good at taking care of them.

Background: Narcissa's family is well-known. She's always been a favourite in the family because she aims to please. She's bound and determined to live up to her family's expectations and potential. She has some powerful magic at her disposal--and knows it. She's always been the one that is doted upon, and expects such at Hogwarts. Her family is proud of her accomplishments at school and each summer she returns to her home to a pile of gifts for her achievements. Perhaps they're the source of her materialism, but she's grown up loving all things pretty--good thing her family is rich. She's her daddy's little princess and wants everybody to know it.

Other: Narcissa has a hairless cat named Étienne which she enjoys doting upon.

Additional Comments: I suck. Really. I don't do much online and I have no artistic talent whatsoever. I really like punctuation though. I just realised that I write fairly formally too... odd. I'm completely incompetent and posted this twice in my own LJ, and then tried to make the subject line Sirius when I finally decided to post it in the right place. *bows*

[User Picture]From: reluxi
2004-07-01 11:19 am (UTC)
And we have a Narcissa, too...Excellent. Don't worry about the responding to diff. names thing....I respond to James, and I'm not even male. (it's true...my old friend had a brother named James and whenever he was around we confused each other....) You know what I noticed? Although you seem to be American...you spell things like a British person.....that's cool. :) Like realise instead of realize and such. I wonder if that's how they teach you in Washington...anyway, welcome aboard.
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[User Picture]From: cooldork
2004-07-01 07:29 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I spell kind of oddly. I guess I'm around too many Brits online and just get used to the spelling--they definitely don't teach us to spell like that here. Though, we did have Canadian History in 11th grade and one of our textbooks was Canadian and so it had all the fun spellings like programme and industrialise.

But anyway, the responding to a guy's name? That's just funky :P
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[User Picture]From: animagiblender
2004-07-02 10:29 pm (UTC)
OMG, You do that too cyn? *realised the other day that she spells a bunch of stuff britishlike, like capitilisation and theatre*
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