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[Jun. 29th, 2004|11:57 pm]
Marauders Uncut Biographies


Introduction: I'm Fern, my real name's Cresta, but don't use it. If you do, I'll kill you, kinda like what Lucius would do if you called him Lu or Asswipe or something. I'm fifteen, and I enjoy pastries. I hate doing personal info things, because I find myself completly boring and don't know what to put. But I'll have a go. I enjoy RPing, but I usually either do Fern or Sirius. I'm more of a Marauder's Rper than a trio-era one, because I think that it's more of a dangerous time, especially in the later years. I live in Texas, with two parents, and a dog. I don't like Texas. I like my dog. A lot. I also have a bad habit of useing a lot of cusswords. I can't say that that won't pass on to my character as well, because Lucius seems the type who'd yell a good curse in anger. That's it. Lucius' life is a lot more interesting, cause I made it up :).

RP Experience: Mod RP's on the gryff forums. I co-wrote the rules for that. I've done some rp's through AIM and on Neopets, which I'm not to proud of, but I've been to lazy to join a community, ever since I spent 5 hours filling out a profile and then got told I couldn't be in it because my character would disrupt the storyline. Despite my lack of experience, I think I'm pretty good, and I get a pretty good reception to my Roleplaying. Although, come to think of it, I've never known anyone who would just go "You suck." Now I'm a little worried...


Name: Lucius Devlin Malfoy (I thought Devlin was a really corny juicy touch)

Nickname: None, if you do not refer to him as Lucius, you are going to find yourself in a very dangerous position...

Year: 17/seventh

House: Slytherin (Head Boy)

Quidditch Position: Keeper and Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch Team (I know his son is Seeker, but Harry's father wasn't a seeker...ok that's disputed but I don't personally believe he was. Anyway, Harry's father wasn't a seeker, so I don't think Lucius would have been either.)

House of: Malfoy

Friends: Narcissa Black, Severus Snape, and basically anyone who's a Slytherin, a pureblood, or who he is interested in taking advantage of.

Personality: Lucius has a rather dangerous personality. He's naturally quiet in nature but he has over come that so as to be more well thought of. He still likes to be thought of in terms of his actions rather than words though. He is controlling and manipulative in all manners of his life, and is the kind of person who will never do a kind favor for anyone unless it will benefit him. His highest goal in life is to be powerful, and he will satisfy this goal by any means necessary. Lucius strongly dislikes anyone who is not a pureblood wizard and sees them as lower caste, worthless scums. One of his other goals in life, other than general control and power, is the elimination of all those who wizarding blood isn't pure. (Which means....DING DING DING, that's right DEATH EATER) Additionally, he feels more powerful than muggles, because of his wizarding abilities, and he feels that they should be subjugated. (I have this huge urge to put "He's also a skinhead, and fucked Hitler!", but must restrain myself...)

Appearance: Lucius has longish pale blonde hair which he's growing out. He has pale skin, and dark gray eyes. Lucius has very Eastern European features, and a very hard face. He is fairly muscular and well-built from years of strenuous Quidditch practice. Together with his 6 foot frame, Lucius makes an imposing figure, something he uses to his advantage.

Faults: Lucius' inability to be selfless makes it impossible for him to really love or be connected to anyone. This is probably one of his more damaging faults, although its cleverly disguised. Lucius is also excessively greedy and arrogant, two of his least concealed faults. However, Lucius is also incredibly dangerous. He is slow to anger, prefering to just brush off offenders cooly, but when provoked the results may turn out deadly, as Lucius is an incredibly violent, vindictive, and revenge-oriented person.

Strengths: Lucius is incredibly good at manipulating people. He has a knack for showing people only what they want to see. He easily fools the weak spirited into thinking he has good intentions in mind. However, those with true character should be able to see his real character. (Look at me, I MADE A FUNNY!!!) He does exceptionally well in school, although he has no real brains or talent. His hard work and his desire to rule has driven him to learn.

Background: Lucius comes from a snooty Pureblood family whose roots date back far into the 12th Century. He lives with his parents in Malfoy Manor during the summer. His father, Reginal Malfoy is in some manner of dubious dealings that has made him and his family exceedingly wealthy. His mother, Alexissia Malfoy serves simply as a trophy-wife for Reginal. Lucius also has a sickly younger brother named Pertra who is five. He has a fatal and mysterious disease and his illness serves as a great disapointment to the Malfoy's. Petra is Lucius' single soft spot. Lucius comes as close to loving as possible in terms of Petra.

Lucius has never gotten along properly with any of his family. His personality clashes with his father's and his mother is a bit of a lush. Therefore, his summer's in Malfoy Manner are usually quite unpleasant, although he enjoys spending time with his brother.

The Malfoy's are extremely rich, although no one knows quite why. None of them have done a day of true work in their lives, although rumor has it that Reginal is involved in some manor of crooked real estate business. Due to this, Lucius has no plans after Hogwarts other than to complete a ritualistic pureblood marriage by marrying long-time girlfriend Narcissa Black.

Other: He enjoys attention, and that is why he's always cheating on his girl friend. Additionally, he has a soft spot for crup's, although he won't admit it, he absolutley thinks they fuzzy and adorable. Plus they dislike Muggles.

(That's about it. I wrote an assload. I really elaborate to much. But, I think I made him real. Likeing his brother, and crup's. *snort*)

Additional Comments: Um, yeah, I huh, well. I think that's it. I do do...hahah I said do do. Well I do, draw some things, but I'm sort of embarrassed to show any *cough*, as I don't think I'm very good. I'm not bad, I'm just...odd. My art's an accquired taste. A taste for crap.

[User Picture]From: krisalyn_dreams
2004-06-30 08:16 am (UTC)
I adore it. And THANK YOU for the James quidditch comment. *G*

*covets the position for Sirius* Though he really probably wouldn't be that great of a Quidditch player, too busy macking up the ladies himself.

Ain't it kinda funny though that most of our students don't have a good time at home? lol. I mean, I believe with all their characters! But seems this is the age of teenage angst.

Oh, and one final comment to everyone, and I'll clarify this later... Even though *we* know they're potential Death Eaters/OotP members, the students don't know, nyah? Like some (and only some) of the Slytherins may interact learning about Voldemort's plans.. but they can't openly come out and torture students. And just like they can't hate each other only because they are DE's or in the OoTP. We need some plausible reasons to hate each other.... like Severus' existance, in Sirius' case. *G*

Hmm.. We ought to ask JKR to put James' quidditch position on her website... Then we'd know the truth!
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[User Picture]From: reluxi
2004-07-01 11:12 am (UTC)
Yay, we have a Malfoy! James is pleased. Welcome aboard-I love all the little details you added for Lucius. :) And I do play James as chaser, so it's perfectly all right if Lucius is keeper. *grin* Will make for some interesting Quidditch games...
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