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Original Character - [Jun. 30th, 2004|12:39 am]
Marauders Uncut Biographies


You can call me Wildfyre if anything, though some may know me as Moiraine/Rai (yes Rai! I stole it from Jessaluff), Grace, or if you go far back enough, Mariel. I'm 18, lives in Toronto and going to Uni. Any questions?

RP Experience:
Some RPing experience... one in a Yahoo group, one in a neopet guild (yeah yeah neopets), and one on a Redwall guild. I RP mostly with original characters, however I have rp'd with a canon character before (not that it matters in this case). I fanfic quite a bit though, and I shouldn't be too bad at this... hopefully.

Name: Diana Evelyn Emmet

Nickname: Di, or Dee. Both sound the same so both work

Year: 15/5th

House: Gryffindor (A prefect)

Quidditch Position: none

Family: Her father is Gregory Emmet, a Mediwizard at St. Mungo's, her mother is Alice Emmet, a nurse at St. Mungo's and she has a 9 year old sister named Philippa Emmet.

Friends: ... (will be edited later)

Personality: A rather outgoing person, she's hot-tempered, and exhaggerates quite a bit, not to mention sarcastic. She's smart and has a quick mind, and once a mischievous brat because of it, though have since become more law abiding when she got the badge. She's become a bit bossy too, and has a tendancy to become a bit rude when people really begin to aggravate her.

Appearance: She has a very slender figure, however, a very underdeveloped chest. She has long brown hair which she keeps loose and greyish-blue eyes framed with long lashes.

Faults: She loathes potions with just about as much passion as she can summon. Also, she tend to lose her temper easily. As in too easily. As in, she's been allegedly causing more trouble then those she gives detentions to. Her temper is why people call her a regular 'nutcase'.

Strengths: She's amazing with spells and has quick reflexes, which helps her a lot in tight situations. She's also good with puzzles, when her mind goes in the right direction.

Background: Born into a prestegious magical family, she finds it very hard to endure the fact that she has to live up to expectations and become a doctor. She actually doesn't like her parents all that much, not liking their high expectations of her - honestly, she much rather become an Auror, or work in the Ministry of Magical Law, but her parents would hear nothing of it, saying it's a foolish dream and has no future. there's little she could do for her family, pretending to go along with their wishes, but at the same time, becomes distant with them, relying more and more on those she considers friends because of who she is, not who they want her to be.

Other: Her hobbies include music and sports. Though she sucks at Quidditch (she has good balance... just not on a broom) she loves swimming, duelling and fencing (the only muggle sport she's taken interest to) She's teased quite a bit about her chest size by boys, and ends up in detention over it, after casting a curse. She's not an easy person to deal with that's for certain...

Additional Comments: If I ever draw a picture, I'll show you.