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Severus Snape and Sabrina Summers [Jun. 26th, 2004|08:52 pm]
Marauders Uncut Biographies
Introduction: Hey there.I’m Sabrina (aka Sab, Saby, Sabby, Sabbie…however you spell it…). I’m 16 years old and fully ready to be released upon the roads to terrorize innocent pedestrians the second I get my license. ^_~ I’m from the not so great state of Wisconsin stuck in suburbian hell…I’m an odd one. For proof of my insanity note that my favorite pastimes are as follows: terrorizing ducks down by the river, counting semi trucks as they go over the bridge, sitting in the flower isle at Wal-Mart with my friends for no apparent reason, scaring old people, and scaring small children. :D

RP Experience: I've been RPing for a while. Cass and I met on fanfiction.net and she got me started in a few MWPP RPGs on yahoo back before they merged the clubs and the groups. I was in Before the Downfall, but I didn’t really follow along very well, but I loved MWPP RPG. I was in The Beginnings of the Marauders and a few other small non Harry Potter RPGs, most of which died before getting very far. I’ve been RPing as Snape for a little while, but before that I had a handful of originals.

Name: Severus Snape

Nickname: Sev or *shudder* Snivellus

Year: 4th (if that’s what we’re doing…)

House: Slytherin

House of: Snape, one of the oldest and darkest wizarding families.

Friends: He considers very few people actual friends, and he does have a partner in crime when Cass gets around to posting his bio. He also hangs around with Bellatrix, Lucius, and all the other future DEs assuming we have people to play them and what-not…and...well...if we get anymore Slyths I suppose...

Personality: Very much a loner, he likes to keep to himself. He's very bitter, due to a bad family history, and doesn't like getting close to people or letting people get close to him. It takes a lot to earn his trust and it’s very easy to lose it once you have it. He's not one for physical violence, but he can be quick to anger (specially by certain Gryffindors) and even quicker with a verbal blow. More than anything he hates being made fun of, which happens quite frequently thanks to Sirius and James.

Appearance: Tall and thin with long-ish greasy black hair, black eyes, and a hooked nose. He sort of has an aura about him that drives most people away.

Faults: Lessee...He's a jerk? He can be arrogant, mean spirited, vengeful, sarcastic, and just plain evil to anyone who crosses him. He does have a friendlier, slightly softer side that few people see and that he very rarely shows (it’s not wise for future Death Eaters to show signs of weakness…).
Background: Severus is an only child living in a huge manor with his parents. He hates being home and hates being at school. At home his parents fight constantly and more than once that anger has been redirected at him, normally by his father. His father is very strict and even cruel sometimes. He is next to impossible to please, but will readily point out faults and abuse those who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His mother isn’t much better and normally sides with his father on all issues. At school he is harassed constantly by just about everyone, even his housemates on occasion. Thus, he mostly keeps to himself and his books.

Strengths: Potions, and he can normally make good plans and stay calm and focused in chaotic situations. Unless he's with his enemies of course. ^_~

Name: Sabrina Summers

Nickname: Sab

Year: 4th (again...If that’s what we’re doing…)

House: Gryffindor

Friends: James, Sirius, Remus, Peter (to a lesser extent. She mainly just pities him), Lily, and any other Gryffs that show up to play…

Personality: Sabrina is an interesting character. She’s slow to anger, but once you set her off she goes on a rampage. She has her moods and can be bitchy, especially to people on her bad side (though those are few). She is fiercely loyal to her friends, and that can get her in trouble. She’s playful and fun loving, but she normally knows where to draw the line, as in she’ll see that a joke is going too far before some of her friends ( i.e. James and Sirius). She doesn’t hate all Slyths, just the ones that cross her and her friends, which sometimes gets her made fun of when she sympathizes with the Slyths, though this is normally only after James and Sirius take a joke too far. She also has a crush on Sirius, which never gets far before he starts whoring around.

Appearance: She’s about 5’5, average build. She’s not skinny, but not overweight. She has shoulder length blond hair, usually either pulled back or in clips, and ice blue eyes.

Faults: She often speaks without thinking or comes off a lot bitchier than she means to. She also has a bad habit of getting in over her head.

Strengths: She is usually quick on her feet and is normally friendly to just about everyone. She’s also good at charms.

Background: She comes from a mixed blood family. Her mother is pure blood, but her father is mixed. She has a fairly decent childhood, despite the fact that her family is rather poor. She has a sister, Morgan, who is in her 2nd year at Hogwarts and is also a Gryffindor. Her sister annoys the heck out of her most days, but they do share that sister bond where they have to stick up for each other every now and then. She doesn’t get along with her mom much anymore and they fight constantly, but her dad is like her best friend.

Other: She has an owl named Nikias.
That's about it. If you want my Deviant Art site it's www.picturemeperfect.deviantart.com.