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My Bio [Jun. 25th, 2004|11:25 pm]
Marauders Uncut Biographies


I'm Terra, a 22 year old university student from the middle of nowhere Canada. Ummm...not much else, retail peoning supports my habits which are listed on my userinfo page.

RP Experience:
A vast variety of characters, both original and canon in several different fandoms. The most recent being the previous Uncut. Currently am moding the Gryffindor RPG over at HOL. I have done RPG's in Yahoo, forums and in various chat environments. Though not yet in LJ.

Name: Lily Anne Evans

Nickname: n/a

Year: 14/4th

House: Gryffindor

*Quidditch Position: n/a

Family: Father: Michael Evans(General Practitioner ie. doctor), Mother: Liane Evans (school teacher) One sister, Petunia Evans and a pack of extended relatives often refered to only as aunt or uncle or grandmother.

Friends: Leona Blake, Sirius Black, most of the other 4th year gryffindor girls.

Personality: A quiet, passionate studious person with a fierce loyalty to her friends and a vicious temper when provoked. Loves to argue with people. Rather mischiecious when it suits her.

Appearance: Short and slim with some childish features still. Unruly/wavy long red hair and almond shaped bright green eyes. Considered pretty by some but hates her odd(in her mind) looks.

Faults: Hates divination, in fact, she dropped it in favour of doing Arithmancy because she likes working with numbers Has a horrible fear of heights making her rubbish on a broomstick. Yes, she sees the irony of dropping divination only to take another form of it. *g*

Strengths: Transfiguration and Charms. Though is passable at Potions and DADA.

Background:Is muggle born and was educated at an all girls private school with her older sister. Was supposed to go to a prestigious finishing school with her sister but went to Hogwarts instead. Her parents are fiercly proud of her but her sister is jealous and tends to mask it with nasty comments. This hurts Lily a lot because she and her sister were once very close due to the fact they are only 13 months apart in age. Her grandparents are old money and do not approve of her being sent to the nameless boarding school. They don't know she's a witch. Her sister in turn has grown very close to her grandmother, who Lily spent summers with once, and is developing her attitudes. This makes her home situation hard to bear at times and she haunts the castle during holidays more often than not as she gets older.

Other:She really loves playing the muggle sport football(soccer) and misses it. But since she brough her ball with her, she steals out to the quidditch pitch when no one is using it to dribble to ball around herself. No one else knows she does this and she worries most about the quidditch playing members of her house finding out. She loves to read causing goodnatured teasing from some house members convinced that she should be in Ravenclaw. Lily is pretty much one of the shortest people in the 4th year class and hates it. It could invite some good natured teasing from her house mates should any of you chose to do so. hehe.

(Ignore the bad grammar and spelling, am to lazy to fix it.)

I refuse to give out links to any of my writing thats currently archived online since it's absolute rubbish. Don't read it, it sucks.